Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Horsing Around Town

Heels: Steve Madden Kyraa.  Red Tights:  Simply Vera Wang.  Bag: Coach Classics.  Horse Dress:  Ark & Co.  Bracelets: Vintage.  Cardigan:  Ralph Lauren. 


  1. I'm getting images of norwegian sweaters knitted with horse patterns... You think we could manage to convince someone to produce that?

    1. If you find someone please let me know! I would love a Norwegian sweater with horses.

  2. i would have never thought of pairing red tights to the dress! but you look oh so good.

  3. I love the horse print! You are very talented at putting outfits together, Vickers!

  4. What camera is use for the daily looks? Because the pictures look fantastic.

  5. I love the little pin you have on your sweater. Can you give more tips as to how a woman can wear a lapel pin like that? Thanks! xo, LP

    1. Thank you! I usually wear them with a cardigan. Small pins like the bow are simple and add a nice touch.

  6. I love the red tights with the beige peep-toe shoes! Classic and especially exquisite!

  7. I agree with Elias, your camera yields fab pics. Please do share what brand and lens you use?
    Love the vintage chic - proof positive that fabulous style means not having to follow fads and fashions. Kudos!!!

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