Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winter Memories

Was stuck indoors today due to snowy weather and didn't dare leave the house.  Took a quick break from work to browse though my digital scrapbook at outfits I wore this Winter and thought I might share this outfit I will most certainly wear again.

Jacket:  Macintosh.  Bag:  Vintage Coach.  Shoes:  Cole Haan.  Necklace:  J-Crew.  Silk Bracelet:  Kiel James Patrick.  Leather Belt:  J. Crew.  Black Watch Skirt:  J. Crew (Similar to Brooks Brothers).  Cable Knit Sweater:  L.L. Bean.

Mysterious Atlantic

Boat Shoes:  Vintage Dooney and Bourke. Bag:  Dooney and Bourke Classic.  Belt:  Leatherman LTD.  Jeans:  J.Crew Toothpick.  8 Knot Bracelet:  Kiel James Patrick

Monday, February 27, 2012

Theater by the Sea

Location: Theatre by the Sea.  Pants:  J. crew.  Necklace and Bangles:  Pink Pineapple Shop.  Cashmere Sweater:  Marks & Spencer Autograph.  Leather Bow Bag (My favorite new piece picked up at J. Alden Clothiers in Essex):  Pink Tulips

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Friday, February 24, 2012

Afternoon Lake Gossip

Myself and Lauren McK (

 Boots:  Original Hunters.  Skirt:  J.Crew.  Knot Rope Bracelet:  Kiel James Patrick.  Cashmere Sweater:  Pink Pineapple.  Scarf:  Pendleton

Monday, February 20, 2012

Essex Docks, Gulls and Ducks.

Sweater:  J.G. Hook.  Coat:  J.Crew.  Penny Loafers:  Alden Shoes.  Bag:  Frank Clegg Tuscany Shoulder Bag.  Seagulls: Atlantic Ocean Connecticut.  Belt:  Kiel James Patrick

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Golden Hour

Shoes:  Anne Klein (Old).  Cardigan:  Banana Republic.  Bag:  Tuscany Shoulder Bag by Frank Clegg.  Blouse:  J.Crew.  Necklace:  Pink Pineapple.  Bangle:  Target.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winter, Myself and Nordic Sweaters are Prepared for Battle.


              "I’m talking about a little place called ASPEN."

 I cannot look at a Nordic sweater without ski lodges, roaring fires and Navajo rugs popping into my head.  Often hand-made and warm enough to rescue you from a day in a bulky coat, the Nordic sweater is my weapon of choice against the cold, while remaining effortlessly fashionable.  I have acquired quite the collection over the years. Some of these pieces keep me warm and toasty even in 20 degree weather. 

I’ve been fascinated by these intricate hand-crafted sweaters for many years and decided to do a little research into their origin and history. Centuries ago, Nordic sweaters were only knit in two colors, Black and white, being the natural colors of sheep’s wool. Soon some Nordic people began combining the black and white, and started making v-shaped patterns called ‘lice’. This v-shape stitch helped make their Nordic sweaters warmer. More intricate patterns emerged as people decided to combine function with fashion to wear their Nordic sweaters to social events such as church. They even added brighter colors and silver clasps (now usually pewter) for decoration.

My collection has been acquired slowly over the years to include favorites from such reputable brands as Orvis, L.L. Bean, Pendleton and Ralph Lauren.  I would love to see pictures of other prized pieces classic wardrobe enthusiasts have in their collection.  Feel free to email me with pictures of your favorite designs.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Trip to the Museum of Natural History

Cashmere Cable Knit:  Pink Pineapple.  Tweed Skirt:  J.Crew.  Necklace:  Kate Spade.  Leather Belt:  J. Crew.  Polka Dot Oxford:  Charter Club.  Shoes:  Anne Klein.  Bangles:  Vintage and Pink Pineapple.  Bag:  Coach Classics.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rose Ambush

Plaid Cardigan: Talbots (old). Jeans: JCrew.  Necklace and Anchor Belt: Pink Pineapple. Shoes: Talbots.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fashion Week Weekend

Acquired my latest dress favorite at ZuZu's in East Greenwich, before hopping a train to sneak off for a couple of days to NYC fashion week weekend.  Started off the night with a Passion Iced Tea from Starbucks and relaxed for a few hours with my kindle in hand.  Fred Castleberry swung by our hotel, and we ducked out to the Tommy Hilfiger men's show to see the upcoming styles for F/W 12.  Kiel and Fred horsed around, while I mingled with a few familiar faces including Brad Goreski who was looking dapper as ever.  The show was quite interesting introducing a classic/militant twist. What really stood out in the presentation were the penny loafer boots that are certain to be a hit amongst the fellas.  After the show I was exhausted and decided to call it an early evening and headed back to the Waldorf for some much needed room service and movie to wind down.

Give Away: Heart Shaped Leather Bag:  One of Two created by leather craftsmen Frank Clegg.  Click Here for your chance to win the other.

Lou Lou Twirl Dress Dress:  Milly NYC.  Platform Heels:  Talbots.  Bangels and Necklace:  Pink Pineapple. Snowman Pajamas:  Christmas Gift!