Friday, October 30, 2015

Autumn Providence

Dress: Modcloth ℅ Shoes: Modcloth (also love these) Sweater: Modcloth ℅ Bag: Modcloth Earrings: Vintage Ring: Modcloth ℅  

I cannot believe the holidays are almost here! There is always so much going on during this busy season that I like to prepare for upcoming events well ahead of time. Modcloth has an amazing collection of party dresses at very affordable prices. The brand is perfect if you are in the mood for something new and unique and don't want to spend a lot. There are so many great options!

I love the retro, polished vibe of Modcloth and their whimsical accessories! Here are a few pieces I have my eye on below:

Special thank you to Modcloth for sponsoring this post! 

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Magical Montenegro

Jacket: Tory Burch Shirt: Gant Skirt: Banana Republic (similar) Shoes: Zara Bag: Tory Burch Belt: J.Crew Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick 

We arrived in Montenegro with Crystal Cruises and encountered light showers and foggy weather, which created a mystical effect that only enhanced the breathtaking beauty of the Adriatic coastline. As we entered the bay, Kiel and I sat on the balcony of our stateroom enjoying hors d'oeuvres and sipping champagne, all while taking in the gorgeous views of the colossal mountains that surrounded Kotor City.

Naming this post "Cats of Kotor City” would have been more fitting —  scores of affectionate cats roamed the streets and were not in the least bit timid. I couldn't resist snapping several shots of them. 

Our excursion to the seaside village of Perast, on the Bay of Kotor, was a personal favorite of ours. Known for it's Venetian roots, the small town has 16 churches and 17 palazzos. We took a short boat ride to one of the two small islets off the coast of Perast to visit the picturesque Our Lady of the Rocks. After a tour of the church, we returned to Perast to explore before making our way back to Old Kotor City. I wish we had more time to take in the historic medieval town and explore the shops.

We returned to our stateroom on the cruise and chose from an array of complimentary adult beverages to enjoy, with snacks left by a personal butler each night. While at sea, the ship offered an unforgettable selection of inclusive gourmet dining.

I wholeheartedly recommend a visit to the charming country of Montenegro! The cruise provided a convenient way to explore places that I may not have otherwise seen. Stay tuned for my next Crystal Cruise adventure later this week. 

Special thanks to Crystal Cruises for this amazing opportunity!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Romantic Venice

Night: Sweater: J.Crew Skirt: L.K. Bennett ℅ Shoes: Ferragamo Earrings: Vintage Bag: Modcloth Bracelets: Kiel James Patrick
Day: Jacket: J.Crew Sweater: LL Bean Jeans: Current Elliott Shoes: Tory Burch Bag: Tory Burch 

Venice, the perfect place to begin our "Irresistible Italy" journey with Crystal Cruises. The city could not have been more beautiful. After a full day of travel, Kiel and I arrived in Italy and were immediately welcomed by the Crystal Cruise staff with chilled glasses of champagne and a delicious lunch. We settled in to our gorgeous stateroom, rested, then prepared for our first night in the city.

Our first excursion of the trip was a romantic gondola ride for two. It was lightly raining from the moment we stepped off the water taxi, but that did not stop us from enjoying every second. The ornate street lamps illuminated the beautiful buildings to create a picturesque city. We walked through San Marco Square with a small group from the cruise before reaching our gondola. It couldn't have been more perfect to glide through this enchanting city by boat to the sounds of a baritone entertaining guests, who booked the private tour, with classic Italian music. 

For this romantic outing, I couldn't resist wearing this beautiful skirt by L.K. Bennett. It is such an elegant piece from a classic brand. I've been waiting to wear it on an occasion such as this. I didn't have to do too much walking on this particular night and was able to get away with wearing high heel shoes.

The following morning we had a couple of hours to explore the city on our own before taking off to our next port, Kotor City, Montenegro. Kiel and I really enjoyed the spectacular view from the top deck of the cruise as we left the city through the Grand Canal. The views of the Venice Duomo and the vibrant buildings will be something I will always remember. For more on my Venice experience visit my guest post on the Crystal Cruise blog here

Special thank you to Crystal Cruises for this amazing experience! 

Friday, October 16, 2015

European Vacation

Sweater: J.Crew (30% off) Shirt: Kiel James Patrick Jeans: Current Elliott Shoes: J.Crew  (sold out) Bag: Louis Vuitton 

This weekend Kiel and I are flying to Venice and setting sail for a voyage around Italy with Crystal Cruises, the world's leading luxury cruise line. We've really been looking forward to this trip for a while! The cruise starts in Venice and ends in Monte Carlo. We will be making stops in Kotor City (Montenegro), Naples, Rome, and Florence. For each port, the cruise offers a variety of excursions to offer the best possible experience for guests aboard the ship. I had such a hard time making my excursion selections. Each offering sounded more appealing than the next. We will be starting the trip off right with a romantic gondola ride for two in Venice. Something I have always wanted to do!

Kiel and I will not be able to resist sharing many pictures of our adventures throughout the week on Instagram and Twitter. In addition to our personal accounts we will be taking over the @CrystalCruises Instagram account. Follow along to see additional images of our adventures throughout the week. Check out the Crystal Cruise blog for more about our upcoming trip.