Six years ago I began Classy Girls Wear Pearls as an outlet to showcase the many marketing photos my husband and I were taking for our brand Kiel James Patrick. Before long I was not only posting our brand's lifestyle shoots but my everyday outfits, travel, New England Living, home inspiration, and now, family life. I love to share glimpses of the places and things that inspire me.

Alongside running the blog, I'm also an owner of a New England based clothing and accessory line -- Kiel James Patrick. My husband and I started this business in 2008. Our first product was a fabric bracelet cut from the end of old ties and fastened with a brass button. Over the years we have expanded the brand to include a full line of jewelry, men's and women's clothing, and pet products. In June of 2017 we opened our first store in Bowen's Wharf, Newport.

None of this would be possible without my best friend and husband Kiel. We have been together for 16 years and have worked side by side for over a decade. He's the man behind the camera. We are proud parents of our son Harry and our fur babies -- Bennie, Puffin, Lovebug, and Stripe. Hope you enjoy following along our adventures!



I'm a cat lady! When I'm at home you
can almost always find me with a
cat on my lap. I currently have
three and that is where i draw the
line. Puffin was found at an animal
shelter. Lovebug and Stripe are
sisters we found living in our


My favorite color is Green.


I love vintage shopping. When
Kiel and I were about 20 we started an
online shop called Wicked Vintage
shelling old Lacoste Polos, band
t-shirts, Double RLL jeans, and
ski sweaters. On a weekly basis we scoured thrift shops starting in
Rhode Island and making our
way up to New Hampshire. Our
Jeep was always packed with
clothes and still is. I lived for the
road trips and the unexpected finds.


I've lived in Rhode Island
my entire life and never
want to move.


While I love traveling, I will forever
be a homebody. I prefer nights
with a good books and cup of
tea to a night on the town.


I'm guilty of listening to the
same song over and over
again until I get sick of it.


I would love to own a farm
someday! I could never live
in a city. The quiet is too
important to me.