Sunday, December 10, 2017

Holly Jolly Weekend

Photo 1:

Kiel: Coat: Burberry Sweater: Kiel James Patrick Pants: Ralph Lauren Boots: LL Bean
Sweater: Kiel James Patrick Skirt: J.Crew (old) Boots: LL Bean c/o Hat: Anthropologie Scarf: Vintage
Harris: Coverall: LL Bean c/0 Hat: Ralph Lauren c/o

This weekend we released our limited edition Kiel James Patrick McCallister sweater. Only 100 were made. Most of them have sold out already but we might still have a few left online. Kiel and I wore matching sweaters for a short walk around Providence. We bundled up Harris in this adorable coverall from LL Bean. It's sized for 0-3 months but still really big on him. I have a feeling it will fit him perfectly later this winter. He looked so cute bundled up and the coverall kept him warm and cozy. 

Photo 2:

There are so many beautifully decorated houses in Providence this year. I had to take a picture of this festive classic doorstep. I really love seeing how people decorate their homes for the holidays! It aways puts me in the spirit of the season. 

Photo 3:

Wrapping gifts nice says you care twice -- I've only wrapped a few gifts so far. I still have quite a bit of Christmas shopping to do. I tend to be last minute with a lot of things but this year even more so. We introduced these adorable Kiel James Patrick sweater gift tags last week. I get very excited when it comes to buying wrapping paper, bows, tags, and ribbon. It was really nice to use own product this year. We also released these Christmas cards and a Bennie 2018 calendar

Photos 4 & 5:

Pajama's: Draper James c/o Slippers: Ugg Blanket: Pottery Barn c/o Dog Pillow: Pottery Barn c/o Cable Knit Pillow: Nordstrom Rack c/o Mug: Anthropologie
Harris: Onsie: Janie & Jack c/o

It finally snowed in Rhode Island this weekend! The snow makes everything more magical and cozy, especially right before Christmas. Kiel and I spent most of this weekend indoors  snuggling with Harris and it was perfect. I  enjoyed waffles made by Kiel in the morning and Hallmark movies all day. (We also watched Die Hard. According to Kiel it's a Christmas movie. I didn't hate it!) I was especially comfy on the couch covered with this faux fur Pottery Barn blanket. They recently sent it to Kiel and I. It's my new favorite blanket and Bennie loves it too!


  1. All of these pictures are so beautiful and I can't believe that Harris is already starting to look bigger!


  2. Beautiful <3

  3. I love the matching sweater and Harris looks like he's loving the holidays :)
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

  4. Love this and the sweater is perfect! Just bought one online and it will be perfect for cross-country skiing and snowy walks. I was planning to buy a new Dale of Norway but much happier to buy KJP ! Thank you! xx

  5. This is the cutest post! I love how festive it is!

  6. Fiquei tanto tempo sem ver o blog por estar grávida que não sabia que a Sarah estava grávida também! Parabéns pelo novo integrante! O meu Isaac chegou em Setembro. Que Deus abençoe a todos nós! Feliz Natal!

  7. Those pajamas are too cute. I've been meaning to get some penguin pajamas this year and those are perfect!

    XO, Malinda

  8. You are an adorable family! Happy holidays! :)

  9. These photos are precious! I love how you and Kiel are matching in the first!

    Sweet Helen Grace

  10. These photos are so cute, I love your pjs

  11. Those PJs are adorable! Harry looks so warm, too!

  12. scent of Christmas

  13. This looks like such a great weekend! I love looking at all the different Christmas decorations.

    @stylingsofstacey |

  14. I love the sweaters but alas will not be ordering one. It got down to a cold 46 a few weeks ago, was 52 yesterday and 80 the rest of the week. I get to wear winter clothes about 4 days a year.