Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Magical Montenegro

Jacket: Tory Burch Shirt: Gant Skirt: Banana Republic (similar) Shoes: Zara Bag: Tory Burch Belt: J.Crew Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick 

We arrived in Montenegro with Crystal Cruises and encountered light showers and foggy weather, which created a mystical effect that only enhanced the breathtaking beauty of the Adriatic coastline. As we entered the bay, Kiel and I sat on the balcony of our stateroom enjoying hors d'oeuvres and sipping champagne, all while taking in the gorgeous views of the colossal mountains that surrounded Kotor City.

Naming this post "Cats of Kotor City” would have been more fitting —  scores of affectionate cats roamed the streets and were not in the least bit timid. I couldn't resist snapping several shots of them. 

Our excursion to the seaside village of Perast, on the Bay of Kotor, was a personal favorite of ours. Known for it's Venetian roots, the small town has 16 churches and 17 palazzos. We took a short boat ride to one of the two small islets off the coast of Perast to visit the picturesque Our Lady of the Rocks. After a tour of the church, we returned to Perast to explore before making our way back to Old Kotor City. I wish we had more time to take in the historic medieval town and explore the shops.

We returned to our stateroom on the cruise and chose from an array of complimentary adult beverages to enjoy, with snacks left by a personal butler each night. While at sea, the ship offered an unforgettable selection of inclusive gourmet dining.

I wholeheartedly recommend a visit to the charming country of Montenegro! The cruise provided a convenient way to explore places that I may not have otherwise seen. Stay tuned for my next Crystal Cruise adventure later this week. 

Special thanks to Crystal Cruises for this amazing opportunity!


  1. Absolutely breathtaking!! Your photography is wonderful!!!! Please post more on this beautiful trip.
    The only question I have is, was the dog standing by the column outside the shoe store a stray or belong to the owner? I ask because I bring my dog to work and most Europeans welcome dogs.

  2. Thank you! I'm pretty sure the dog belonged to the owner of the shop. He had a collar on. The cat was likely a stray. They were everywhere!

  3. Breathtaking photos! So envious of your travels!

    Lifestyle by Joules

  4. Stunning photos, Sarah! The abundance of cats certainly makes the city that much more enchanting :)

    xo - Michelle

    1. Great photos BUT cats in Kotor are routinely poisoned along with the dogs. You will NEVER go back a year later and find the same animals. This is typical of most southern european countries although the use of poison has been banned in many countries. Greece, Montenegro, Albania, Croatia, parts of italy and Spain still employ "cleansing". Many locals in Montenegro have tried to stop it but the municipalities continue

  5. Awww!! Such a beautiful and romantic photos! Montenegro looks so historical and picture perfect! :)

  6. Montenegro is absolutely beautiful! Definitely need to add it to my list of places to travel!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster

  7. Talk about an amazing place!! I am loving all of those cats! So cute

  8. Looks absolutely amazing! The fog and clouds in the photo makes it look like a magical place. Love your outfits :)

  9. Wow!! Love the pictures!! I really want to go to this place and in that cruise!

  10. wow this looks amazing

  11. How fun!

    Her Heartland Soul

  12. Looks like such a beautiful trip!


  13. Oh my goodness, this looks like the most magical day even with the overcast weather!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  14. Beautiful, thank you for sharing :)

  15. How romantic!! You're making me want to hop on a plane right this second :). Gorgeous, Sarah!!

    xx Kathryn

  16. This is stunning! You guys really know how to capture a place, your shots are incredible! Your outfit is perfect, it's so classic and chic.

    Stamp, Please! Lifestyle and Travel

  17. Ohh this is so enchanting! I just added that to my "places to go" list! Haha
    So Stunning, Sarah!

    x C.

  18. So jelly of your trip! Everything is so breathtaking!


  19. It always amazes me when people visit Montenegro and like it. I've lived in Kotor my whole life and was counting down the days until I could leave. (I didn't go far though, unfortunately. Life of the poor and all that.) I suppose it's charming for a day, but trust me, the entire country is hell to live in, especially for young people.

    Still, I must admit your photos make it look pretty. :)

    Milka | • oohbelle •

  20. I love to cruise, and this is a beautiful hidden gem in Europe! ♥ Ash
    The Yellow Petunia

  21. This is something seriously out of a fairy land. I loooove it. Now I want to go on whatever cruise you were on and I am scared of water in general lol. It is so breathtaking.

  22. I was just married there (Our Lady of the Rocks) in August! It was such a magical day/trip and I wouldn't change it for anything. Everywhere you turn in the bay of Kotor, your breath is taken away!