Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sunset at Jack Dusty's

Dress: Sail to Sable c/o Shoes: L.K. Bennett c/o Bracelets: Kiel James Patrick Glasses: Karen Walker 

I have seen a lot of sunsets and I must say the sunsets in Florida are stunning! Kiel and I parked our jeep on the side of the bridge in Sarasota and listened to James Bay (I'm obsessed with this album) while we watched the sun go down over the Gulf Coast.  It was too beautiful to miss! Shortly after we freshened up in our hotel room at the Ritz Carlton and headed into Jack Dusty's for dinner. If I lived in Sarasota I would definitely be frequenting this restaurant often. The food and drinks were amazing! Oysters, fresh sushi, and shrimp & grits...I am still thinking about this meal.

 I loved Jack Dusty's Spin on nautical. The drink coasters shared fun Seafarer terms and the handles of the fork and knife were shaped like fish fins.To complete the theme I enjoyed a delicious cocktail called the Siren (see recipe here). This may be one of the best drinks I have ever had!

                                                                 Special thank you to Ritz Carlton


  1. I love Jack Dusty in Sarasota! We go there all the time on vacation! One of my favorite restaurants :)

  2. Wow it looks so lovely there! I want to go ! You guys look great too

  3. Gorgeous images! I am a Florida native-born and raised. It truly is a gorgeous place to live. You should visit Amelia Island next time! They have an adorable little downtown area and great places to stay!

  4. I love your dress, Sarah!

  5. Such a lovely post it made me feel so much full of energy just as I needed. Thank you and well done with your wonderful blog :)

  6. Great post!

  7. Florida looks so amazing! It's been far too long since I've been there!

  8. Love your photos and your outfit!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  9. That dress is super cute! Loving the fun vibe of these photos!

  10. This looks like such a wonderful tropical getaway!

    xx Kathryn

  11. gorgeous photos <3

    Mel x

  12. I love that striped dress! It's so pretty!


  13. These moments are what we live for! Love the coasters too :-)

  14. What an amazing place! That sunset looks gorgeous!

  15. So beautiful!

  16. Do you have a page that has a Q&A or an About section? I'd like to read that.


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