Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Girls Night In

Pajamas: Kate Spade c/o (Print available here and here) Vase: Kate Spade c/o (similar)

Kate Spade recently launched a gorgeous line of sleepwear that is both comfy and glamorous. Think silk, bows, polka dots, florals, and fun phrases in elegant script. I'm in love with the floral pajamas that I'm wearing in this post. They are perfect for a girls night in at home watching Gilmore Girls and reading a good book. (I've watched Season 5 of Gilmore Girls too many times to count! It's my favorite season.) Below I'm sharing some of my favorite pieces from their sleepwear collection and home accessories. The home goods line couldn't be more perfect. 

                                 Special thank you to Kate Spade for sponsoring this post! 


  1. Beautiful and comfy PJs, perfect for a night in! :)


  2. Beautiful pictures!


  3. Ah I love these pajamas! X

  4. Just found your blog after a few year hiatus of blogging! These Kate Spade new designs are divine on you. I adore your blog as well! Love, Lula Mae (of 57thand5th.blogspot.com or 5thand57th.com)...

  5. This is super cute! I didn't know Kate Spade had pajamas - such an adorable print!


  6. where's your green velvet couch from? LOVE it!

  7. The pajamas looks so comfy and beautiful floral print! Love it!

  8. I agree with season five of Gilmore Girls, however the best episode in my opinion is the Yale/Harvard game episode from season four!


  9. i love your pjs they are so cute! these pictures are lovely :)


  10. Great pics!


  11. Your cat is so cute! I love your couch!!

  12. Wow, such beautiful photos!


  13. Cute pajamas :)


  14. That is my favorite episode of Gilmore Girls!! I love the fun yet classic look of the pajamas and can't wait for the Gilmore Girls revival :)

    Renee // Gimme Glamour

  15. such cute pajamas :) I've watched Gilmore Girls all the way through several times haha


  16. Sweet photos of the cats. Love the room decor and of course the pajamas! Kate Spade also did a silk swan print set that I love.

    Jen | affecionada

  17. Such darling PJ's!!

    xx Kathryn

  18. So sweet! I'm loving your floral PJs.

  19. Been a huge fan of CGWP for years now! Why don't you start wearing Lilly Pulitzer more often? ;)

  20. Been a huge fan of CGWP for years now! Why don't you start wearing Lilly Pulitzer more often? ;)

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  22. Dear Sarah,
    May I ask how many cats do you have and their names? They are so cute!

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