Sunday, November 12, 2017

Winter Warmer Guide to Winter Coats

Coats Worn from Top to Bottom: J.Crew Factory (similar), J.Crew (similar), J.Crew, Jack Wills (similar), J.Crew, Tory Burch c/o, Tommy Hilfiger c/o, H&M (similar), Burberry (similar), J.Crew, Reiss (old), Kate Spade (similar here and here), J.Crew 

Over the years I have built a great a collection of winter coats. I think I have coat for every type of occasion and yet I cannot resist buying a new one (or two) every winter. Coats are my absolute favorite article of clothing to buy. No matter how quickly I throw my outfit together in the morning, a beautiful coat will always tie my look together. I go from frazzled to polished the second I walk out the door. Fall and Winter in New England can be very unpredictable and the style coat I typically wear reflects the temperature outside. This time of year I wear my most stylish coats that might not necessarily be the warmest as the weather tends to be mild. In January and February I live in a down jacket unless we have that rare mild sunny day or I'm just going from my house to my heated car. I broke down my coat styles into: Pea Coat, Toggle Coat, Plaid Coat, Camel Coat, Pink Coat, and Statement Coat. I'm doing a post on down jackets later this week.

1. Pea Coats:  Originally worn by Sailors, the pea coat is the perfect staple for any classic wardrobe. I love a pea coat with gold anchor buttons worn over a turtleneck or chunky cable knit sweater. 

2. Toggle Coats: I'm making a Home Alone reference here but I first noticed toggle coats after Kevin Mcallister wore a green one in Home Alone 2. I was around 10 years old at the time but I really wanted that coat. Fast forward many years later and my love affair with toggle coats still exists. I love to dress mine up with rain boots and dresses. It's the perfect coat to wear around the holidays. 

3. Plaid Coats: I can never resist a plaid coat. To me everything looks better in plaid and this includes coats. I tend to wear understated basic pieces in solid colors with my plaid coats as the plaid pattern is already very busy. 

4. Military Coats: I love the structure and clean lines of an elegant military coat. Most come with brass or gold buttons which always enhance the look. The best military coats are  a bit longer in length. They look beautiful dressed up or down depending on the occasion. 

5. Camel Coats: There is nothing more classic or polished than a camel coat. My absolute favorite coat is the Burberry one featured in the 13th photo in this post. No matter what I'm wearing I always feel put together when I have one on. They are really versatile and look great with everything and on everyone. It's a coat must have. 

6. Pink Coats: Pink is a great way to introduce a pop of color to any fall/winter wardrobe. With so many shades of pink one can go from very bright to the palest pink depending on their personal style. I love a muted shade of pink that acts as a neutral.  

7. Statement Coats: A great statement coat is worth the investment. I have a few in my closet and they are great for days when you need a little extra pizzazz. I love to wear my faux fur collared Kate Spade coat with rhinestone buttons to holiday parties or winter weddings. My J.Crew Collection coat with rhinestones in the very last picture is tied with my Burberry coat for my absolute favorite. No matter what I am wearing underneath that coat I always feel perfectly put together when I have mine on. It doesn't hurt that it is also one of the warmest coats that I own.


  1. You have a fantastic coat collection! Definitely great recommendations.


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    BTW, it took me a while to spot the cat on the first pic, so cute! ;)

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  8. Beautiful collection, love the variety of colors and fabrics! Looking forward to the post on Down Jackets, too! Sarah, just wanted to add, I'm so enjoying all the wonderful photos of Harris on your and Kiel's Instagram. He is absolutely adorable! ♥

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