Happy Birthday Harry

October 29, 2018
Today is Harry’s first birthday! How fast a year flies by! It’s been incredible to watch him grow. I want to document every second so that it can never be forgotten. He loves to hold onto Bennie when he walks and finds it hilarious to try and feed bits of his food to others. Harry looks incredibly sweet whenever he twirls his hair while drinking a bottle. I love the way he plays with my hair when he’s getting sleepy. These are moments that I will cherish forever. I’m excited to see the changes that another year will bring.
This weekend we celebrated Harry’s special day with family and friends. I’m sharing a few snapshots from the party. Originally Kiel and I planned for our farm themed party to be outdoors but the weather had other plans. Almost everyone showed up in flannels and cowboy hats. We hired a traveling petting zoo for the kids. I might have been the most excited. A DJ played country music and the adults enjoyed singing Karaoke. Harry ended the night in his pajamas unwrapping gifts (with a little help from mom). His favorite gift of all was the tissue paper! Happy Birthday Harry! You are so loved!