Sunday, March 1, 2015

I Like Pink & Green

Blazer: Ralph Lauren Dress: Tory Burch Bag: Ferragamo (similar) Sandals: Via Spiga Glasses: Kate Spade Bracelet: Kiel James Patrick Lipstick: Clinique // Ginger Flower

Last week I escaped the cold, gray haze of winter and a spent a week in Florida. It was refreshing to soak up the sunshine and trade in my Hunter boots for sandals. I can't resist a  basic tan leather sandal (ankle strap is a must) that are comfortable enough to walk around in and go with just about everything. By summer's end I wind up destroying my staple sandals as I tend to be rough on them. Before the trip I did some last minute online shopping at Nordstrom and ended up buying two new pairs. One flat sandal that I featured in a recent post and the pair featured in this post. Both turned out to be perfect for all the walking around I did on my vacation.  I'm so eager for sandal season to return to New England!

Here are some of my favorite sandals from Nordstrom this season:

                                 Special thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!


 Yellow Plates // Appetizer Plates // Table Runner // Glasses // Napkins // Flatware (similar) // Carafe

On Sundays I enjoy setting up my dinner table and cooking a meal at home. While I love cooking my only issue is going out to the grocery store. I get overwhelmed and wind up returning home with a carriage of food I bought on impulse, forgetting half the items that I needed. 

Recently, Plated, a service that delivers gourmet recipes and fresh ingredients to your doorstep, sent me three meals to try out: corn and ricotta empanadas with spinach in honey vinaigrette; seared chicken in mushroom sauce with twice baked potatoes; and spaghetti with ricotta beef meatballs. (This was just a sampling of the meals they offered. Every week the menu offering changes.) The food was amazing! I'm still thinking about how delicious those empanadas were. It was my first time making them and I never would have tried if it wasn't for Plated.

I always make excuses to try cooking new meals. The recipe is too complicated. I don't want to have to go to the market to get all of the ingredients, etc. With each Plated meal, the company sends a card with a picture of the meal, step by step instructions on how to make it, and the exact amount of ingredients needed to prepare the dish. On average each meal takes about 40 minutes to prepare but Plated makes it really easy. 

I had such a good experience with the first meals that I wanted to continue with the service. Tonight I'm looking forward to trying out sweet potato skillet lasagna with turkey sausage! 

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Accidental Empress

Photography: Sara Kerens Creative and Art Direction: Lacy Lynch Styling: Annie Laurie Miller Hair and 
 Makeup: Annie Rush at Eva Scrivo Salon Sash Designer: Izquierdo Studios

Right after the new year Kiel and I drove to New York to partake in a promotional Meet the Hapsburgs photo shoot for The Accidental Empress by Allison Pataki. It was an opportunity that we couldn't resist! I enjoyed the unique experience of dressing up like nineteenth century royalty. Kiel took on the role of Franz Joseph, Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian empire. I portrayed Duchess Helene of Bavaria and Camille Birkhead made a stunning Empress Sisi. (How gorgeous was her hair?!) The photos were fittingly shot at the luxurious Waldorf Astoria and St. Paul's Chapel in New York City. 

The Accidental Empress is an historical account of fifteen year old Sisi (Elisabeth) of Bavaria, who famously changes history when she wins the heart of her sister's fiancee. Based on facts and actual events, the novel gives readers a further glimpse into the glittering yet oppressive world of the Habsburg Court. Alison does a beautiful job of bringing Sisi to life with all of her hopes, defeats, and triumphs. She spins a captivating tale of the beautiful, lonely empress who must fight to keep the love of both her husband and empire, amongst an imposing Imperial Court (including a tyrannical step mother).

I'm excited to announce that  The Accidental Empress is officially released today. I love, loved this book and finished reading it in a couple of days. Visit Allison Pataki's website for more info.

Reindeer Games


Jacket: Hunter Sweater: Vintage Pants: J.Crew Boots: HunterLL Bean ℅ Glasses: Karen Walker Scarf: Madewell

Location: Mount Washington Hotel (These photos were taken during my New Year's trip to New Hampshire)