A Mount Washington Ghost Story

January 4, 2019

The Mount Washington Hotel has always slightly reminded me of the iconic Timberline Lodge, the famously eerie hotel filmed in the movie The Shining. It’s grand and beautiful in a way that only old hotels can be. Over the years Kiel and I have stayed at the Mount Washington, located in New Hampshire, numerous times. It’s one of our favorite places to recharge and feel inspired. They also throw a fabulous New Year’s Eve party! We return year after year for the cozy environment, gorgeous mountain range views, delicious food, skiing, and real life ghost story.  

Winter Fondue

December 28, 2018


On Christmas Eve I hosted a small fondue dinner for my family. I wanted to try a meal that is a little different than what we normally do — a traditional roast or spiral ham. I thought a fondue would be a fun novelty for everyone to enjoy. Last winter Kiel and I experienced an amazing fondue on top of a mountain in Utah, and a few weeks ago we had a beautiful fondue dinner at the Ocean House to celebrate the opening of the Veuve Clicquot Fondue Express. Both experiences were very enjoyable and inspired me to prepare a fondue at home. It’s a wonderful way to spend an evening with loved ones. Like putting together a cheese board, you almost can’t go wrong with a fondue.

Continue reading for my fondue details.


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A Merry Little Christmas

December 26, 2018

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas enjoying precious time spent with family and friends! This year flew by far too fast. Just last Christmas Harry was a newborn babe who I constantly held in my arms and now he’s running around with a lively interest in the world around him. We had a very special season with him and I’m not quite ready for it to end. In this post I’m sharing highlights from Christmas and the weekend leading up to it.

A light snow welcomed us on Christmas Eve morning and it was magical. We hosted Christmas Eve and Christmas Dinner at our home (I can now appreciate all of the hard work our parents put into the holidays), attended a couple of holiday parties (I couldn’t resist putting together another cheese board for Kiel’s sister), visited Santa — Harry screamed the instant we tried to put him on Santa’s lap, and baked lots of holiday cookies!  It was an action packed few days and I’m ready for a long winter’s nap.




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Flannel Dress

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