Amazon Home Guest Room Reveal


Our guest room is finally complete! Kiel and I are calling it the Bennie Suite — framed photos of Bennie cover most of the walls and Bennie will grace the floor or the bed if guests are so inclined.  Bennie lives for the extra belly rubs! Excited to share images of the refreshed space today on my blog. I’m really pleased with the way everything turned out. I collaborated with Amazon Home for this project and I can’t get over how much their pieces brought this room to life. They had every product for the home that I could possibly think of. Previously I had the room set up in a makeshift manner with no rhyme or reason for the decor. I kept putting off fixing it up mainly because I was torn with what direction I wanted to go with it.  I toyed with the idea of changing the paint color or putting up wallpaper but in the end decided that this room looked best with the white paneled walls and wood trim. Anything too busy or too dark would have made our small space look smaller. We gave the room a fresh coat of paint and had custom radiator covers installed by our carpenter. These little changes really made the room feel brand new.

As I mentioned in my previous Amazon Home post featured here — I really wanted a space that was light, bright, and cozy with traditional appeal. I typically tend to buy all things white and blue and didn’t want the white and blue theme to overwhelm the room. I added small pops of neutral, earthy colors with hints of navy to break it up.



Playing upon a bit of a country/cottage theme I went with a brass bed and simple, understated bedding. In front of the window was the only place it made sense to position the bed. I’m drawn to antique spindle or cane beds but they would have covered up most of the window. I love that this brass bed frame is subtle yet elegant — it has the appearance of not taking up too much space and is the perfect addition to the room. With the constraints of the size of the room (for reference the dimensions are 14×10 with an 8ft ceiling) , the furniture proportions are essential to the overall look. The nightstands, for example, are small and leave just the right amount of space between the bed and the wall.

Highlighted Products:

  1. Bed c/o- Part of Amazon Home’s signature line Rivet — this requires assembly at home. It was fairly easy to put together. I was very impressed with the quality. Shipping with Amazon Prime was fast and free.
  2. Quilt c/o
  3. Striped Sheets c/o
  4. Throw Pillow c/o
  5. Nightstand  c/o
  6. Candle  – Euclayptus and spearmint — love this scent. Instantly gives the room a relaxing, clean feel.
  7. Books: Little Fires Everywhere, Finding Mrs. Ford, The Path Made Clear
  8. Lamps c/o
  9. Artificial Plant



From both windows there are pretty views of our yard and the trees, flowers, and many plants. We live in a quiet neighborhood. All day the birds can be heard chirping and at night the tree frogs trilling. I wanted to bring a little of the outdoors, indoors with plants on shelves and fresh flowers in pretty vases. The peonies in the blue vase were cut from our yard.

While browsing through Amazon Home’s site I came across live plants, particularly bonsai trees, and it sparked the idea to have plants displayed on shelves for added color to the plain white walls. The tree came with a full set of instructions on how to care for it as well as extra soil and a planter. I’m always amazed at the scope of Amazon’s product line and the bonsai trees were a fun discovery.


Highlighted Products:

  1. Shelves c/o- There are so many wonderful shelf options on Amazon Home. I had a hard time selecting just one. I liked the darker shade and rustic look of this set. I felt the shade of the shelves and picture frames contrasted nicely with the lighter colors in the room.
  2. Rug c/o- This rug was a steal. Antique rugs can cost a small fortune and this replica is very affordable. I love the pattern. Like the shelves there are a number of beautiful options to choose from.
  3. Bench c/o
  4. Bonsai Tree c/o
  5. Blue Vase c/o- I’m obsessed with how pretty this vase is.
  6. White Vase c/o
  7. Mirror c/o
  8. Curtains c/o– Picking out curtains has always been a challenge for me. I really liked the toile pattern on this style.
  9. Aged Terracotta Pots c/o– I’ve been on the hunt for aged terracotta pots in all sizes and came across these. I thought it would look beautiful to put a small plant in each pot including a succulent and ivy.
  10. Throw Blanket c/o
  11. Books c/o: Beautiful, The Stylish Life Tennis



Guest room closets can be an awkward thing. Up until recently I had our guest closet filled with belongings I didn’t know quite what to with —  winter coats, old picture frames, shoe boxes… It feels wonderful to have everything cleared out and refreshed. I didn’t want to leave the closet empty but I also didn’t want to use it for more of our random stuff. Kiel and I thought it would be really cute to turn this space into almost a welcome kit with items that would make our friends and family feel more at home. We added bathrobes, fun board games, sweatshirts for cold nights, a cooler for beach day trips (RI has gorgeous beaches), sunblock, an assortment of snacks, and a mini chalkboard with our wifi network and password. Whenever anyone stays over the first thing they ask for is our wifi password. Everything is neatly displayed in organized baskets and jars from Amazon Home. After seeing their selection of great organization products I’m really tempted to tackle our pantry.


Highlighted Products:

  1. Chair c/o
  2. Lamp c/o
  3. Flower Picture c/o
  4. Picture Frames c/o 11×14, 16×20 – I loved the idea of printing some of our own images and framing them. Bennie and flowers always bring a smile to people’s faces, I thought they were the obvious selection for photos.
  5.  Dog Bookend c/o
  6. Bureau c/o- This traditional piece added a refined look to the room. I love the way the finish looks against the white panels.
  7. Samsung Frame TV- Kiel recently ordered this TV late one night and it arrived 36 hours later. It was our first time purchasing a TV from Amazon. We paid an additional $99 for the wall mount and free expert installation. It was really nice to have a pro come to the house to set the TV up. A TV can take away from the look of the room but the Frame TV looks just like any other picture on the wall. I’m excited to display some of our favorite images from each season.
  8. Throw Blanket c/o
  9. Books: A Place to Call Home, Once Upon A Time, American Style Icon
  10. Cooler c/o
  11. Baskets
  12. Glass Food Storage Jars-These are really cute for displaying candy and snacks in our guest closet or pantry.
  13. Mini Chalkboard

Wrapping up this post with some photos of one of my all time favorite duos — Puffin and Bennie. I was thrilled to capture them in a very rare snuggling moment. Puffin ran off once Bennie started barking at the animated dogs on TV. It was adorable while it lasted!
Very special thank you to Amazon Home for sponsoring this post. I had so much fun with this project!  See my last Amazon Home post here to learn more about the wonderful resources Amazon Home provides to make home shopping a whole lot easier. This post also includes images of what the space looked like before the makeover. Check out all of the products I’m loving on my Amazon Storefront, includes everything featured in this post.


Full Product List:


1. Bed, 2. Chair, 3. Bureau, 4. Bench, 5. Rug, 6. Nightstand


  1. Quilt , 2. Striped Sheets, 3. Throw Pillow c/o, 4. Blue Throw Blanket 5. Floral Throw Blanket 6.Throw Blanket 7. Throw Blanket


  1. Candle  2. Blue Vase 3. Curtains 4. Mirror 5. Artificial Plant 6.Shelves 7. White Vase  8.Flower Picture 9. Dog Bookend 10.11×14 Frame, 11.16×20 Frame


  1. Samsung Frame TV


  1. Lamp, 2. Table Lamps


  1.  Little Fires Everywhere, 2. Finding Mrs. Ford, 3. The Path Made Clear 4. Beautiful, 5. The Stylish Life Tennis 6.A Place to Call Home 7. Once Upon A Time, 8. American Style Icon 9.The Dogist


  1. Bonsai Tree c/o, 2.Aged Terracotta Pots

Guest Room Closet:

  1. Cooler c/o 2. Baskets 3.Glass Food Storage Jars , 4. Mini Chalkboard




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  1. Paula on June 13, 2019 at 10:24 pm


    Looks great !! Bennie is one lucky pup , haha !!

    xo Paula
    p.s love the rug !

  2. Ann on June 14, 2019 at 10:46 am

    Beautiful Sarah! You have a gorgeous home and I love you sweet style!,!🏡🏡🏡

  3. Libby on June 17, 2019 at 2:07 pm

    What a great space you have put together! I love how you named it the Bennie suite, and you have it stocked with snacks!!! I love the blue accents, and that striped chair is absolutely perfect! Thanks for sharing the final reveal, Sarah!

    xx Libby

  4. jobspappa on June 24, 2019 at 6:21 am

    Beautiful Sarah! You have a gorgeous home and I love you sweet style…..



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