Fall Pool Patio

The summer season has unexpectedly extended into fall. Normally my pool is closed right after Labor Day weekend, but with the unseasonably warm temperatures we decided to enjoy it for a while longer. The patio underwent a complete makeover this summer. We replaced the cement surrounding the pool with bluestone, added new stairs, and replaced the section of our fence that was chain link with a spindle fence that is built into our existing stonewall. To complete the space we added a couple of new furniture pieces and updated older furniture with cushions, pillows, and striped umbrellas in collaboration with Sunbrella.
Sunbrella fabrics are fade proof and stain resistant which make them ideal for outdoor living especially with two pups and a fun loving three year old. I was a little nervous about going with all white cushions, especially since Bennie and Maple have a bad habit of jumping in the pool and then rolling in the mulch before settling down on the outdoor sofa (insert crying emoji). Luckily the dirt comes off easily enough with a little mild soap and warm water for a good spot clean. The cushions always end up looking as good as new. I recently learned that Sunbrella has a full time team available to walk customers through any spill that they may encounter. Good to keep in mind after a future cookout.
I wanted to keep the decor around our home consistent and loved the green and white striped umbrellas, and green and white throw pillows. I really like the way the green and white color scheme compliments our farmhouse which is a backdrop for the pool. The green is just the right pop of color to tie the space together. Our outdoor furniture and cushions stay directly in the sun for months and it always amazes me that the color remains the same. The fade resistant quality of Sunbrella fabrics is a dream.
I heavily leaned into fall this season and had way too much fun dressing up our patio with pumpkins and mums. We added jack-o-lantern pumpkin floats that are battery operated to light up at night. With the string of lights across the pool, the space feels really magical. We have enjoyed quite a few pizza nights out here this month. I would not have thought to decorate the pool patio if it hadn’t been so warm. I’m thinking it might have to be a yearly tradition from here on out.
Special thank you to Sunbrella for sponsoring this post!


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  1. CL on October 23, 2021 at 3:24 am

    I am inspired, it’s truly beautiful.



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