Lakehouse Bathroom

April 14, 2020


Last year Kiel and I remodeled one of the bathrooms at our lake house and I’m sharing the results here today. It was a project we had a lot of fun with creatively. I’ve been wanting a swan faucet since forever and it happened to fit in perfectly with this space after we had the patterned tiles installed. The bathroom originally had two large sinks and the overall look was very 70’s — there was even a brown shag carpet on the floor.


Our Favorite Toddler Activities

April 9, 2020


Quarantine Day 27 — I truthfully cannot remember what day it is or how long it’s been since things have felt normal. I have a feeling even when things return to “normal'” they won’t exactly be the normal any of us remember. Kiel and I are keeping positive and passing the time by staying busy with work and hanging with Harry. Harry has no idea of what’s going on in the world and for him every day is a new adventure. So many of us are at home with little ones right now and I wanted to share a few activities that Harry is loving.


New Englander

April 6, 2020


Since our St. Barth’s trip in January, Harry has been obsessed with going to the beach and seeing boats. He asks to go for a ride and see them on a daily basis. As none are really in the water this time of year we took a drive to an empty boatyard a few weeks ago.




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Crafted in our coastal Rhode Island workshop, the twisted rope and freshwater pearl harks back to days on the beach under a setting sun. Each lustrous rice pearl is hand-tied with a double knot for a subtle, elegant expression. Offered in six delicate shades of summer, it’s a contemporary classic and shines brightest where the waves meet the sand.


Wardrobe Staples