The Cozy Leaf Sweater

September 27, 2019


This fall we created the perfect Kiel James Patrick sweater for autumn adventures — The Big Cozy Leaf SweaterThis oversized sweater is cozy and soft for crisp New England days and cool evenings. Wear it on foliage drives or around a lakeside bonfire. It looks perfect with a pair of well worn jeans, flannel shirt, and boots.



Zinnia Fields Forever

September 25, 2019


Fall is beloved for its beautiful warm colors — orange, red, yellow, pink. The Zinnia field at Dame Orchard is a bridge between the beginning of autumn and summer’s end. Flowers as far as the eye can see are highlighted by hints of red and gold in the trees. I picked flowers around sunset and the golden light was surreal. We brought home two gorgeous bouquets that made our home feel festive and colorful. Alongside leaf peeping and apple picking I will now add Zinnia picking to my favorite fall activities.


Fall Porch Decorating

September 23, 2019


Autumn is the best season for porch living! Kiel and I enjoy our porch all summer long but nothing compares to cozying up with a soft blanket and a mug of coffee on a crisp fall morning. We live in a quiet neighborhood, surrounded by trees. It’s incredibly peaceful to listen to the birds and the rustling of the wind while admiring the brilliant foliage. In the afternoon the warm light that hits me while I work from the porch swing is heavenly. I look forward to weekend mornings and evenings reading Harry his favorite books. The porch has become an oasis for our family.




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